7 Best Cryptocurrency Applications for Digital Currency Harvest

Cryptocurrency or the one commonly referred to by digital currency, have taken over the world with his nephew. Bitcoin, Doge and Etherium serve as examples of the myriad types of digital currencies, which are now popular and mined or harvested by many.

Cryptocurrency is even starting to get into the real world with behow many places have received it as a form of payment from work or service. Related to that, the following are the top 7 cryptocurrency apps for Android.

Cryptocurrency Applications for Digital Currency Harvest

1. Bitcoin Checker

Bitcoin Checker is one of the cryptocurrency pal applicationsa popular ing that is widely used. The app features the latest prices of almost any kind of cryptocurrency worldwide.

Whether it’s Bitcon, DogeCoin or something, Bitcoin Checker memiliki information about all cryptocurrencies, especially the most in demand. Furthermore, it is also equipped with a simple UI, so that the provided information can be quickly understood by the user. Plus, it can be downloaded for free on the Play Store.

2. Blockchain

In contrast to Bitcoin Checker, Blockchain has functions soai cryptocurrency wallet or digital currency. This application works for Bitcoin and is replicated with features classified as complete.

Some of them like conversion of over 20 currencies, sends and receives Bitcoin payments, two-factor authentication, PIN protection, support for 18 languages, TOR blocking as well as QR code support. Blockchain is also free and carries Material Design for a simple user-interface or UI.

3. Blockfolio

Blockfolio represents a financial application intended for penguse cryptocurrency. Through this app, users can see cryptocurrency investment quickly. Blockfolio also has complete detail of the 800 digital currencies that exist today.

If it’s still felt lacking, Blockfolio also provides features news for those interested in continuing to follow the development of cryptocurrency. It’s free, has a nice UI and is suitable for those who want to seriously plunge into business or cryptocurrency investment.

4. Coin Stats

Like namAnya, Coin Stats is an application that provides users with statistics or info about the price of cryptocurrency. Coin Stats tracks more than 3,000 currencies on 100 exchanges.

In addition to wheezingecheck pricing, users could also synchronize exchanges with wallets automatically, to create a complete portfolio. In addition, Coin Stats are also equipped with several fitsur like portfolio sharing, price warnings, news and widgets. The handle UI is also simple and easy to navigate.

5. Cobo

Same asi Blockchain, Cobo constitutes a cryptocurrency wallet application. The app supports several types of currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Decred, Ripple, Litecoin, ZCash, DogeCoin and others-la… in.

Cobo also dIt comes with support in over 80 countries and some advanced cryptocurrency technologies such as Proof of Stake and masternode pooling. Overall, Cobo works very well kind and satisfying. This could be a companion application or an alternative to Blockchain, with a UI that is no less simple.

6. Coins.ph

Coins.ph meforgo other cryptocurrency wallet applications that could be tried if Cobo and Blockchain were felt to be lacking. This application allows users to check their cryptocurrency balance, sending money to another, make payments and more.

This present dmaterialNgan Material Design that is good to look at and easy to navigate. Not only that, Coins.ph also has several shopping features, such as the ability to buy gift cards at more than 120+ merchant. This is complete and recommended.

7. Delta

The abyssir is Delta which is also the latest cryptocurrency application on this list. Basically, Delta represents a portfolio tracking application with over 3,000 currencies, panta listsuan complete, market data and price warnings.

Delta bahkan is also equipped with support for Coinbase, Bittrex, KuCoin, GDAX and other wallet applications for easier synchronization. When compared to other applications on this list, Delta does have more complete and comprehensive features.


That’s what it was. a list of some of the best cryptocurrency apps for Android. If you intend to try cryptocurrency, then the above applications can you try. May it be worthwhile!

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