Am I Worth Becoming a Stock ‘Trader’?

One of the questions related to trading and the profession as a trader is as the title of this article. Have you who is not currently a trader and wants to become a trader ever ask this? Many people cannot distinguish a trader or trader from an investor.

In fact, the two are very different. Someone who opens a gold shop will have a tendency to be a gold trader, whereas if you like to collect gold bullion or jewelry, then you can become a gold investor. This profession is sometimes a profession that is considered good. Why is it delicious? Because the ‘ads’ are very interesting.It says it can sit wherever it is, modelled a laptop, and within seconds earned tens to hundreds of millions of rupiahs.

Should I Be a Stock Trader

Trader is an activityy merchanta yes buy and sell goods. It means as a stock trader, we will be people who buy and also sell stocks to earn profits. I have started it almost 12 years ago with the same dream as the ‘advertising’ that so fascinated it. Is that so?

1. Stock trader without learning, same as any trade without experience.

Number of seminars, classes, workshops, and also an application program that is considered capable of beating the market makes a person as if they can continue to profit. In fact, that is not true.

Being a merchant needs experience. Seminars, classes, and workshops are an acceleration of gaining experience so that we can become proficient.

There is not a single absolute science that is dapat always profit. This period of study is a dream collapse for beginners who realize that being a stock trader needs flying hours.

a program that can always beat pasar or profit-making to this day does not exist. Many programs that just momentarily give advantages and eventually end up at a disadvantage.

However if the program or application is soi help you make that decision just as much as an airplane pilot uses autopilot assistance in his aircraft mode. Having autopilot, not without needing our decision as human beings is no longer necessary. Because even an autopilot plane needs a pilot.

2. Great profit, relaxed life, rich from stock trading

One of them is the one I wrote above, have you also heard of? Lucky, relaxed, and rich is relative. What does that mean? Not default for everyone, how much profit is it? Relaxing is like what? Surely it is also rich when it has what is called rich, very relative.

Suppose there is an office worker yang feel a month’s salary or income from working is worth Rp. 10 million. He was comfortable with his condition, but modelled on the confidence and capital of IDR 100 million, quit his current job and became a stock trader. It is likely that life that was once comfortable suffered. To get IDR 10 million with a capital of IDR 100 million means that the person needs to consistently get 10 percent profit every month.

in addition to the figure of 10 percent per month meForgotten a fairly optimistic number, consider that trading, do not trade stocks, trade others may suffer losses. Plus, minimal experience, limited capital, large needs of life, people will tend to be desperate. Desperate means not trading but gambling.

3. Trading that share is equal to the individual’span It’s obvious that trading is part of life.

Sure trading or trading stocks as well have the principles of life. Discipline is an indispensable life capital: to succeed needs discipline. You agree? Whereas discipline without patience also eventually becomes undisciplined as a result of impatience.

How many men are impatient in the netn raya and end up in an accident? Trading in stocks requires science and science. Relying on an application or program without any science would eventually be problematic on its own. Being a stock trader is a good profession, although sometimes it is not as sweet as the ‘advertising’ we see. But in life, which part is certain regardless of difficulties? As long as we live, there will definitely be difficulties and fun, depending on how we behave.

Word End

That is the article About My Righteousness Being a Stock ‘Trader?,hopefully this article will help you who are studying about trading.Thank you.

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