Best Trading Strategy 1 Minute Consistent Profit

Binomo is one of the brokerage trading platforms which is very famous in Indonesia. Where I’m sure you must be familiar with this one. Well for those of you who are jumping into Binomo trading, I’ll give you some top-secret tips so you can make a consistent profit or profit at all times. I will give you information on how Binomo’s trading trick 1 minute profit is consistent that could be easily understood for beginners.

Actually the strategy of this trading is often introducedal with the name Horizon. If in Olymp Trade use the pattern of the candle chart heiken ashi, however because in Binomo there is none. You could use a graph from Candlestick in Binomo which is actually much more perfect.

Secret Trading Strategy 1 Minute Profit Konsistent

Actually so that the trading you do can be seAnd then maximum profit, the very important thing for you to do is to manage psychology. Besides psychological management, of course you also have to be able to manage finances. But on this occasion I’m just going to discuss something that is no less important which is how to open Binomo’s 1 minute trading trick position.

The actual indicator is a tool you are gunwill be to predict where prices are going, the most important thing is how you use the help of those indicators. Well you have to do the setting or setting first to the indicators in Binomo. Change the timeframe to a duration of 1 minute, next you select Candlestick graph usage.

You could use the help of the other 3 indicators which is :

-SMA Period 5 Average Indicator with color putih.

-SMA Period 22 Average Indicator by color red.

-Default Period MACD Indicator

When you’re done doing the setup and jugpenyes adjustment of indicators, continued at the analytical stage of price movements on assets in the market.

1. Analysis of Binomo’s Golden Moment

BInary Trading is one of the businesses that theat cruel. If you don’t have mental strength as well as strategy, of course you will be defeated by the cruelty of the trend market. To be able to counteract that all of course requires a very mature analysis.

Where is the purpose of performing an analysis of movementkan price is to be able to determine when is the right time to do open position or entry point trading.

There are a few things you should note :

-Determine first what trend is going on in market.

-Make sure to perform open position according to trend that is going on in the market.

-Wait for the signal entry from the Indicator you are gunningwill.

-Wait for confirmation of the price you got from candlestick

-Don’t force open trade too much if it turns out the movement of prices is not appropriate.

2. When Is Up Trend Time?

Then when is the time for the upward trend? The upward trend will be terSo if the movement of the two MACD period lines is above the line of level 0. Then that way the price movement will go up in the next 1 minute. Therefore, please select Open Buy position or up.

3. When Is the Time for a Downward Trend

Lastly, then when should we Sell? You should performs Sell or selects down if the movement of two lines from the MACD period is contained below from the level 0 line, most likely the trend will go down.


Well that’s the secret trick of trading Binomo 1 minute agar consistent profit. Hopefully this information can be beneficial for you beginners who want to earn consistent profit in Binomo.

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