How to Trading Shares for Beginners

Stock investment is not as difficult that most people imagine. There are countless ways of trading stocks that start-ups can try, for example online trading via personal smartphones. Plus, the amount of information available can also prepare you while studying market patterns and conditions. It is no late word to start stock trading.

So, what are some things that need Anda do when and before starting it? Check out the following information to avoid missteps when trading stocks!

How to Trading for Beginners

1. Define the Right Stock Index

There are 22 types of stock index yang recorded the Stock Exchange of Indonesia (BEI). Recognize the types that stock players commonly use. For example, you can choose LQ45 or IDX30 for which both have high liquidity as well as are supported by trusted enterprise quality. This LQ45 itself is a stock market index on the Indonesian stock exchange consisting of 45 companies. Whereas IDX30 is the 30th stock with the most liquidity.

2. Choose the Appropriate Securities

When buying stock, you will uses an interMedia Bokeh.CLICKry securities company or stock broker that obliges fees for each transaction. Choose securities that offer a lower cost percentage, for example 0.20% of the stock purchase amount. This is for profit to be more optimal and to ensure the way your stock trading is more perfect.

3. Plan Stock Trading Period

There are two ways of trading stocks based on its period, long and short term. In the short term, the risk of loss is indeed greater, but there are profit opportunities to be gained more quickly.

Instead, there is a profit opportunity yBigger ang can get if trading stocks in the long run. When such shares have a reputation and fundamentals and good performance  

4. Do It With Patience

All means trading shares are not be effective when not accompanied by patience As a beginner, it is recommended that you use small capital and increase the amount as your understanding increases.

So does when faced toloss, face it with a clear mind and do average down by buying stocks whose value is falling. It could be that you experience profits instead when market conditions have stabilized back.


Those are some ways to trade stocks for beginners, hopefully useful for those of you who are learning about trading. Thanks.

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