Top 10 Binary Option Trading Strategies

There are 10 strategies that you can use to do trading in Binomo. You can learn it first and choose which strategy is most appropriate for your trading in Binomo.

Binary Option Trading Strategies

1. Use Pathfinder Strategy

Pathfinder strategy performed pthere are times in the afternoon and evening, the reason is that price fluctuations tend to be slight thus it can be easier to predict. Select the Bollinger Band indicator to describe penysection of the maximum price of the retail price.

For the hour for America to commenceai in the second session which is 16.00 UTC while for asia until 0600 hours. Use 1 minute to analyze the market to a minimum of 5 minutes to terminate. To perform strategy ini do not use more than 2% of your assets.

2. Wear Fibonacci Strategy

This strategy uses the F gridibonacci to perform the analysis. This strategy uses a mathematical sequence in performing future predictions. The next number is the sum of the previous two numbers, e.g. 2, 2, 4, 5, 9.

This existing pattern can be brokenan to base estimated price so as to minimize the chance of loss. You need to practice to analyze prices that are based on previous data.

3. Indicative Strategy of Pu Methodria

This strategy follows the yan trendg exist. The rise and fall of newly translated prices using MACD indicators. To use this strategy do not use more than 3 % of your funds to minimize risk.

4. Alexander Elder Ata’s Strategyu Triple Screen

Advantages of using Strategies Alexander Elder Or Triple Screen is you can do multiple timeframes in doing market analysis. Alexander Elder was taken from a world famous trader who had made a ba book of books concerning trading, bThe uku is used as a learning guide like novice traders in understanding the exchange.

Alexander Elder constituted a pencipta this strategy. The MACD guide on this strategy is if the histogram indicator column is above the zero scale then specifies an upward market trend and if the histogram indicator column is at bunder zero scale then declare tren the market down.

5. Using Bolling Strategieser Breakdown

Consolidation inevitably occurs on bourse market, well this Bollinger Breakdown strategy utilizes consolidation to make a profit. To gain an advantage you have to wait for Bollinger to narrow first and mepending breakdown on the ho channelrizontal. Perform transactions following the new price movement.

The presence of big news pingspublic aruhi which resulted in traders not engaging in any selling or buying stock activities. If you are a beginner in trading do not use funds more than 2% of A’s total balancenda and if you’re already senior dnature trading then you are allowed to use 3% maximum funds in one transaction.

6. Follow Strategy 7 Golden Rule Binomo

There are 7 golden rules of Binomo that dapat you follow which is first, follow existing trading rules and plans. Second of all, The money in your deposit will make it easier for you to trade, the greater the amount when Anda use scrupulously will m…emplify your transaction.

The third set the limits of my possession.a loss mall for each day. Fourth, make an analysis of both before and after the transaction. The fifth, Self-control, don’t follow your ambitions too much in doing trading.The sixth, follow the perature¬∑ An financial management e.g. in one transaction must not exceed 2% to 5% of funds in your balance and simultaneous transactions must not exceed 10% of funds in your balance. Seventh, Learn in depth regarding transactions in Binomo. By learning more mendalam then will narrow your losses.

7. Convergence Strategy or inmarket vergence with RSI

RSI represents the R Strength Indexelative which means an overview of how strong trends exist and the probability of change that will occur. With RSSI you can see convergence or market divergence. Recommended timeframe to carry out this ad strategyIt starts 15 seconds up to a maximum of 1 minute.

8. Night Channel Strategy

On the Night Channel Ase Strategyt traded is currency. The right time in implementing this strategy is depending on your situation, if you have the ability to read market changes then the time is yang best is daylight and if you want to make a transaction without interruption of price changes then the best time is nighttime.

The step you create constraints virtual line between highest and lowest line, If asset is close to upper limit then show transaction is down, if asset is close to limit bwah then show transaction is up.

9. Engineering Indicators

Indicators of this technique serves to monitor the movement of assets as well as develop an indicator trading system that can later be used as a sign for conducting trading. There are several terms you should understand such as alligator indicators consisting of 3 moving avarages that can determine price changes.

There is also a Bol termlinger Bands that aim to calculate the average price in one time range and calculate the maximum deviation from the norm. If the market calms down the Bollinger Bands project a prediction limit on price fluctuations.

10. Change Information and Make a Advantage

The news that happened can be a strategy in doing trading in Binomo, news circulating will affect price changes. In Binomo there is an economic calendar, consider the bull symbol (it could be in other symbols such as exclamation marks and others). If the symbol is three bulls then such news is important.


Thus explanatoryan regarding the top 10 trading strategies for Binomo, this strategy Will be your reference in trading in Binomo more effectively and magnify your chances of maximizing profits.

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