Capital of Hundreds of Thousands Profits Millions of Rupiahs, Here’s How Rexadana Investment Works!

Rexadana is one of the investment instruments that is now being glued to a lot people, especially for those who have already started investment literacy. The reason is, re-investment can make a huge profit with minimal capital. Unfortunately, not a few people have thought that investment was only for the fruit. Even though by jumping into re-investment, you only have to invest hundreds of thousands of rupiah. Not only that, you also don’t have to bother monitoring market price movements like stock investment. – Why?

The funds you spend will be managed by a dedicated investment manager expert in his field. Because of this, rexadana investment is becoming a proper instrument for start-ups. Let’s be more confident about investing, first find out what a repeat investment is, from the type to the profit and loss below:

How Rexadana Investment Works

Types of rexadanas in Indonesia

There are four types of rexadana investment in Indonesia that need to be aware of a prospective investor. The following are:

  1. Money market reputation
    The money market reputation becomes one of the instruments many investors choose pemulae because the risk is lowest among others. However the benefits given are also small. The reason is, this type of rexadana is the majority of inflows its funds to money market effect products, such as deposits and securities that fall under one year.
  2. Retirement of fixed income
    Retained income rebates allocate their investment funds to bonds owned by Pebrandish. While the rest are being thrown into money market instruments whose movements are more stable. Equally with the money market surplus, fixed income also has a small risk with a relatively large return. In fact, it can reach above 10% within a year.
  3. Mixed rexadane
    Mixed rexadana investment has a greater return than te revenuetap however lower compared to stocks. However, the risk is also considerable. In accordance with its name, mixed rexadana effect products divide funds into several instruments, namely stocks, bonds, and money markets. Not surprisingly, mixed equity investment is widely chosen by investors who want to benefit from the stock market as well as bonds.
  4. Repurchase of shares
    Stock reps are known for high risk high return i.e. profit and risk be equally tall. This one instrument will allocate funds to the stock market.

How rexadana investment works

As already explained above, the excellence of re-investment is funds investors will be managed by investment managers. So you just have to sit tight at home and wait for your money to multiply. But to better understand how rexadana works, here are the steps in outline:

  • Disclaiming funds to the managing agency or issuer of rexadana products billion under the name of investment manager.
  • Investment managers divert funds from customers to a number of effect product selected by investors.
  • Furthermore, investors can enjoy the return on funds that have been discount. Not only that, they will also obtain a report containing the product performance, asset composition, and portfolio of effects that the investment manager sends periodically.

Benefits and risks of redevelopment investment

To make you more confident in raking money out of a repeat investment, here are the benefits and risks:

  • Reimbursement investment returns
  1. Managed by investment body
  2. Rexadana is regulated and supervised by OJK
  3. Minimal amount of investment capital
  4. easy-to-sell and easy-to-buy rexadana
  5. Rexadana funds could be allocated to several effects
  • Risks of redevelopment investment
  1. There are some costs in rexadana
  2. Return rexadana not as large as direct stock investation
  3. More lamb effect price movement

How to calculate the return on investment in real estate

How much profit do you make if you rut?in investing Rp. 1 million every month?

  • Capital: Rp 1,000,000 X 12 months = Rp 12,000,000.
  • Return per year: 43.28 per cent.
  • Fee investment manager: Rp 50,000.

The following simulates its profit calculation:

Rp 12,000,000 X 43.28 percent which is as large as Rp 5.193.600. The profit has not been reduced by an MI fee of Rp 50,000. Then, net profit yesng you get Rp 5,193,600 – Rp 50.000 which is Rp 5,143,600.

That way, the total money you earn is when make a withdrawal of Rp. 12,000,000 (modal) – Rp. 5,143,600 (net profit) – Rp. 17.143.600.

Got it around rexadana investment?

From the above explanation, rexadana investment is one of the options for you who want to earn a lot of rupiah without having to spend big funds and don’t want to get dizzy monitoring market price movements at all times. Therefore, repeat investment is highly recommended for start-up investors while you study how direct stock investment works to get a larger return. However, in addition to the benefits you also need to pay attention to some of the costs that investors have to bear, such as:

  • Selling fee or unit cost of inclusion. Those costs are usually borne by investors when purchasing rexadana products.
  • Switching fee or unit switching cost the inclusion of such costs will not be borne until the investor performs the diversion which is when the investor moves the investment from one effect to another.
  • Redemption fee or cost of re-sale unit of incorporation. Those costs will only be borne by investors who have only recessions in a given year only. Whereas for investors who already have a long enough reputation will not be subject to redemption fee.
  • Bank transfer fee. Those costs will be be borne by the investor when purchasing and disbursing the rexadana product, if the account held by the investor is different from the investment manager. For magnitude the cost is in the figure of 0 percent to three percent of the transaction value.


Like which has already been explained above that rexadana is one of the profitable investments with a small risk. Well, for those of you who want to get a lot of return on investment, you can invest capital into a reputation instrument. The profits you get from investment can be used to set up an effort to make your wealth more and more multiplied.

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